Rafe Arnott  |  Feb 17, 2020  |  4 comments
“I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record…” The rhetorical wail of Gordon Gano brings a smile to my face every time I hear “Kiss Off,” the second cut on side one of Violent Femmes, the self-titled debut album that the band cut on Slash Records in 1983.
Rafe Arnott  |  Feb 14, 2020  |  0 comments
Improving on a product that already deeply impresses with its performance capabilities can be a daunting proposition for a company, but when a manufacturer decides that the time has come to improve on a lauded design – and not in some incremental manner, rather – with a full-blown re-tool from the ground up, it’s hard not to take notice.
Rafe Arnott  |  Feb 11, 2020  |  5 comments
The year is 1973, the place is Glasgow, Scotland and Ivor Tiefenbrun and co. are spinning professional test LPs on a freshly-turned Sondek LP12, only to deduce the quallity of the albums are total rubbish. So, why not start a record label and do it proper?
Rafe Arnott  |  Feb 07, 2020  |  15 comments
I reference a lot of things in the course of a day. In life, I often find myself needing a point of reference to either carry on a conversation with an individual, or to make sure I’m getting where they’re coming from.
Stephen Mejias  |  Feb 04, 2020  |  3 comments
I am an audiophile, which means I exhibit certain tendencies that might be considered compulsive. I can purchase one, three, five, or even 11 records at a time, but never two or four or 12, for instance.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jan 31, 2020  |  0 comments
Any Russian composer who got through the Great War and the revolution, then received permission to leave the Motherland and work abroad for more than a dozen years before returning home to acclaim… is a composer I’d loved to have had the opportunity to talk with while we washed down rye bread with cold vodka sitting on a blanket overlooking the Volga.
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The driving four-on-the-floor beat and overdubbed hand-clapping of Santa Esmeralda’s 1977 12-inch version of the Nina Simone classic “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” hung in the air like a rung bell as I abruptly hit pause.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jan 23, 2020  |  17 comments
In this day and age, the standalone DAC is less likely to be the mode of choice for a newcomer to the hobby because of another factor that has become ingrained into digital audio: convenience.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jan 17, 2020  |  2 comments
Deciding to take an extended high-fidelity journey with one brand, while exciting, can also cause trepidation in some audiophiles. It’s the whole commitment thing. If there’s ever been a group of people less interested in long-term relationships I’ve yet to meet them.
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The audiophile focus of French high-resolution music-streaming service Qobuz continues to gain momentum as more and more partnerships with high-fidelity manufacturers are announced.