Where's Waldo

I entered the CAS Audio room mainly because I was intrigued by the OPTIMISTA muse 2-way green ceramic speakers ($13,000/pair) sporting a RAAL ribbon tweeter. There was also a laptop sitting center stage so there had to be DAC, too.

Aha! Utilizing my old, very old, cable tracing skills first learned in Chemical Bank's main data center at 55 Water Street, I traced the decidedly non-audiophile USB cable to a Resonessence Labs HERUS ($350) hiding amongst the clutter, cooking down below.

I did not take notes on the sound but remember thinking...interesting.

John Grandberg's picture

That silver box to the right of the Herus (separated by a table leg) is a relatively obscure DAC called the Tobby by Firestone Audio. It's actually a very nice DAC, sells for $1100 if I recall correctly. Fully balanced, dual mono PCM1792 chips, and some proprietary FPGA action. Herus could have still been playing while you were in the room - just thought I'd point out the existence of a more expensive DAC in the system as well.