We Are Re-Organized!

The best places keep their menu fresh. With that in mind, we have re-organized AudioStream's menu structure to, ideally, make things make more sense while keeping pace with Network Audio's shifting landscape (e.g. I think "Network" audio makes more sense than "Computer" audio).

As with any user interface, I hope the changes will be self-evident and logical. While the Hardware section received the most number of refinements, I am particularly partial to the new Recommended menu. In addition to adding Software and Music (Yay!) to the Recommended category, you will see something new under Hardware—Reviewer's Choice. In essence, Reviewer's Choice kicked out "Favorite Bits" because the latter never sat right in my it-should-be-self-evident brain while Reviewer's Choice does.

Reviewer's Choice is organized by reviewer which also makes more sense, seeing as that's the entire point.

Last but by no means least, my thanks to resident Web Monkey Jon Iverson for his invaluable help in getting this work completed.