Wavelength Audio

I always enjoy seeing Wavelength Audio's Gordon Rankin and his wife Kelly. They are, in my book, good people. Gordon was even kind enough to address my mumbled questions about the AudioQuest JitterBug (see review), Gordon was the chief designer, putting all of the nonsensical noise created by people who think they know more than they actually know, at rest. Of course this only occurred after I spent time in the Wavelength room listening to some real music through some fine gear.

The DAC in use during my visit was the company's Crimson + Q1 FPGA DoP/PCM DAC modue ($9,000 see review) paired with the Europa Preamp ($7,500), which you can load up with a number of modules including HS USB with FPGA DoP/DSD and a second module HS USB and Ethernet. The amplifiers were the new limited edition all silver Napoleon Ag Silver ($35,000 pair) driving a pair of the Vaughn Audio Plasma II Limited Edition speakers ($20,000/pair).