Wanted: Your Thoughts on How To Videos

Joseph Beuys

We're gearing up for another day of barn videoing and this time the subject will be "How To" videos. My question—what subjects would you like to see covered?

I'm also all ears for any recommendations for How To articles. The more the merrier!

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Micheal, how about a video on room treatment?.

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...is site specific and this site is focused on file-based playback.

How do you see room treatment fitting into AudiStream's focus and how would you suggest making it relevant for most readers?

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Perhaps the digital version of a room treatment how-to would be using software to identify trouble spots in your room?

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DSP makes sense. This would necessarily be product-specific, DIRAC for example, and come in the form of a review. I'll give this more thought.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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And also please add an alternatiive softwsre besides Roon like Audirvana with lower price if it can do the job. Thanks

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Perhaps another idea would be a how-to on backing up your digital music collection. The video could explore the pros and cons of hard drives vs. cloud services, as well as compare online back-up sites in terms of costs, subscription plans, user interfaces, etc. For an audience that lives and breathes its music files, this could be a life-saver.

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Thanks again!
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a step by step tutorial on setting up a computer/server based system?

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...is something along the lines of a beginner's guide to Roon. I think this relates to your suggestion in that the software that ties all this together is an important piece of the computer/server based system.

What do you think?

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I took me awhile to figure it out and many hours on the internet. Also, an experts guide copying, storing, formatting, and tagging and organizing digital sources on a NAS and backing up. Many of us have huge CD collections, so the most efficient way to move, catalog, save and protect the data.
Converting analog to high-res digital guide would be interesting, too

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It should be more than just Roon. Roon could be included but it should also be tailored to the beginner as well who just want to use their computer and hard drive to their DAC direct or through their network.

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For the beginner's guide to Roon. I'll admit that I haven't taken the time but with the last major update to Roon I'm sure I'm missing out on a bunch of stuff that would improve my sound. I like the idea of a Roon series even: Intro, advanced, expert, etc.

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1. How to on using software, esp HQ player or others that you might have experience with and consider worth exploring.
2. Going over how to set up streaming systems that involve a lot of parts (using microrendu for example with a DAC, an NAS, streaming services a la TIDAL or ROON...

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I want to digitize my vinyl and I could use some best practice ideas

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count me in here as well

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... “lean back” experiences. Roon or Squeezebox controlled and distributed setups. The latter method may be out of scope here since there’s no official support path, but that ecosystem’s open source aspect remains a viable alternative for some folks.

So maybe a few “package” ideas for both, when discussing a how-to.

All I see with proprietary software tied to a particular brand of hardware is roadblocks to flexibility/upgradability.

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There's loads of folks still wanting to get into streaming be it from local files or the net. How about a series going from an absolute noob to über streamophile.

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Egnoj makes a great point. I think that there are probably a lot of other people like myself (middle aged, analog audiophiles) who would like to get into digital music, ie. streaming, servers, ect. but are somewhat IT challenged and would appreciate entry level videos explaining the world of digital including streaming, storage, file types, DACs, etc.

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I'd be interested in how you set up the networking in your Listening Room set up, specifically the optical isolation section. I tried unsuccessfully to replicate it myself.

I ordered a 1m duplex patch cable with two TP-Link MC200CM converters just as you have in your Listening Room setup diagram. Using the duplex cable I tried going from TX on one TP-Link converter to RX on the other converter with one of the two cables, and then from RX to TX with the second side of the duplex cable. But that did't work. Of course the TX to TX and RX to RX didn't work either. I even tried a single simplex cable connection but that didn't work either when I made a single TX to RX connection from one converter to the other.
Hope you can shed some light on my quandary with a demo.

By the way I use Verizon FIOS at home, although the cables coming out of the Verizon FIOS box do look like regular white-sheathed coax cables. Do you know if I can use the converters referenced above that you also use?

Thank you

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I have a moderate desktop, digital system. AURALiC Aries mini, Meridian Explorer 2 DAC, NAD C316 integrated and Elac UB5s. Now what do I do to move to the next level? I have $4-5K to invest. How can I know which component is the weakest link? Current mental research is MyTek Brooklyn + and Dynaudio X14A replacing the signal path.

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How do I position my desktop system to get the best possible sound quality considering all of the trade-offs. I don't have a dedicated room. I have a den. It is very rectangular (19'-9" x 9'-6") There are floor to ceiling bookshelves along one long wall. There is an open alcove/closet in the other. Do I put the desk on the long wall? Or, make the desk an island parallel with the short wall? Long wall: speakers 6" from face wall = limited sound-stage depth but no side wall reflections to be concerned about. Short wall island: cable routing (including AC) across the floor and speakers ~26" from side walls. How do I make the decision? What factors to consider? What are the strengths and limitations of each of these configurations?