Vinyl Reviews Video! Me?

The fine folks at Vinyl Reviews came out to the barn for a visit and a video (yes, I listen to vinyl, too).
Michael Lavorgna, artist and editor of AudioStream sat down with us in his listening barn in New Jersey to talk about vinyl and computer audio. The value of music streaming, why he loves Roon, and what he thinks of people who say analog music isn't as good as digital (spoiler, he disagrees and thinks that notion is ridiculous.)

Watch this new Vinyl Reviews. interview and find out why Michael Lavorgna is music source agnostic.

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Good evening Mr. Lavorgna.

I currently have an older Dell laptop with iTunes (not married to it) feeding an NAD M51 via USB, but unfortunately the laptop hard drive is full. Would purchasing an external hard drive and JRiver be a smart move? I dont have $3k for the entry level Aurender stuff let alone $20k for the W20. But I'm also aware that my Dell is probably pumping all kinds of electronic noise into my DAC along with the signal it's passing along. Any thoughts/suggestions? Basically I'm looking to improve my source without adding to my mortgage. Apologies if this isn't the appropriate venue for this kind of question. Thanks.

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J River would be a good move compared to iTunes for Windows. My next review, that will be posted very soon, might offer a solution to your computer noise issue.
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Any external hard drive brand I should look for? Or avoid?

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I honestly don’t know. Steve
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Ok. Thanks.

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I no longer have a Facebook account so I'm not able to watch. The barn is SUPER cool looking based on the other video we saw.

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I don't use facebook either. I watched it without having to make an account. Just dismiss the enormous pop-up thing and press play.