totaldac & Voxativ

Speaking of friends, Germany's Voxativ was using Vincent Brient's totaldac to convert bits to magic. My review of the totaldac d1-tube-mk2 DAC ($10,000) will be showing up on AudioStream shortly much to my chagrin since that means I'll have to send it back. Just as we were becoming such.great.friends. Haruumph!

This system exuded music into the room and I was lucky enough to join David Chesky and Steve Guttenberg as they went through some of David's stunning recordings, er, files. System: Voxativ 845 tube monoblocks ($17,500/pair), Voxativ PA-01 preamp with MC phono ($9,900), the totaldac D1 music server ($5,000), and the Voxativ 9.87 System with AC-4d wideband driver and Bass Extension speakers ($34,900).

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Is this not a debut, albeit unofficial showing for Total Dac in the US ?