Totaldac Amp-1 to be revealed at Munich HifiDeluxe 2019 – UPDATE

I simply cannot.

I know… and I’m sorry, but it’s quite impossible at the moment.

I’ve received telephone calls and emails about it before even being able to publish this post – people want to know and I feel bad that I can’t say more.

You see, I’d love to tell you all about the new totaldac Amp-1 that Vincent Brient is unveiling in Munich at the HifiDeluxe Show on May 11, but he will not part with even a whisper of specifications, circuit topology or output for this new stereo power amp for me to include with this rather mysterious press release – more of a reveal really.

I’m assuming it’s been voiced around the output and designed first to be driven by his preamplifier-section equipped totaldac d1 series DACs (the d1-direct model I reviewed can be found HERE) so that makes me think the audio world is in for a truly buzz worthy experience in hearing this new design from the French audio-engineering wunderkind Brient.

Alas, this is all I can write. Take in and glean what you can from the images because as far as I know that’s all that will be put out for public consumption until May.

C’est la vie.


I received an email from Brient this morning listing specs for the new amplifier:

  • RCA inputs
  • Mundorf binding posts
  • Measurements: 220mm height + feet, 500mm width, 410mm depth
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Large liner power-supply transformer
  • Output: 2*150W under 8ohm, 2*270W under 4ohm, 2*500W under 2ohm, stable under 1ohm
  • 1.5V sensitivity
  • 47Kohm input impedance
  • No global feedback
  • Fully discrete design
  • Hybrid circuit topology featuring a Triode input and solid state Class AB output (Skewed to Class A moderately to minimize heat concerns) featuring a wide frequency bandwidth and low noise
  • Price: 18,000 Euros incl VAT in Europe, 16,500 Euros excl VAT out of Europe

+33 2 90 02 11 39