Songs For Self Isolation

I never thought my time spent as a reclusive artist would turn out to be a survival skill. At any other point in history I might have been asked to pick up a rifle and turn an animal into food, but within a blink of an eye my ability to let a week slip by without leaving the house became more valuable than knowing how to field-dress a deer.

Nothing says “we’re all in this together” like a global pandemic. There are similarities to war, except in this case you don’t get to choose who you kill; now we can all be suicide bombers without even knowing it. If there is a positive side to see, there has never been a time on Earth where humankind stopped to take a collective breath; to think about our lives free from the daily routine that defines us.

Now that we’ve all felt the ice crack under our feet, we’re about to find out how much we really love each other.

Compiling this selection of music has represented something of an obsession during this first month in quarantine, and it largely represents my mental state during this paradigm shift. It stands as an apt final post for a publication through which I have been privileged to share my musical proclivities. I look forward to continuing these efforts with Rafe, albeit through a new venue. –Scott Eastlick

I’d like to thank Scott for all his incredible contributions over the past two years to both AudioStream and the other site I manage – InnerFidelity. Scott and I will be working on new projects together moving forward, but alas, not on these pages. –Rafe Arnott

  • David Axelrod – The Warnings (Part ii)
  • Damon Locks – Solar Power
  • Jeff Parker – Build a Nest
  • J-Rocc – You’re Welcome, Stop On By

  • Quincy Jones – Snow Creatures (J-Rocc Mix)
  • The Herbaliser – 40 Winks (No Sleep DJ Vadim Mix)
  • Bullion – Hula
  • MHYSA – Breaker of Chains (Nas and Lauryn Hill Cover)
  • Riz Ahmed – Where You From
  • Yeule – Your Shadow
  • Kassa Overall feat. Vijay Iyer – Was She Happy (For Geri)
  • King Krule – Underclass
  • David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World (Brian Eno 2020 Mix)
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Ever New
  • Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me
  • Wool – If They Left Us Alone Now
  • John Phillips – Holland Tunnel
  • Deradoorian – Weed Jam
  • Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine
  • Nmesh – SkyChurch// テラストクニセ
  • Prince – K-FUNK Interview (Excerpt)
  • Prince – International Lover (1983 Piano and a Microphone
  • Version)
  • Andre Cymone – Red Light (Edited Version)
  • Zadig the Jasp – You Belong To the City
  • Nmesh – //ΛLLNITΞ//ΞVΞRYNITΞ//
  • Everything Is Recorded – 11:59 AM / CIRCLES (Outro)
  • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (mellow)
  • Pogo – Things Will Get Better
  • Phantomband – Positive Day
  • El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Wu Tang Clan Cover)
  • DJ Harvey – Chadski’s Jam
  • Mo – Breakfast
  • Man Parrish – Together Again
  • Sharon Van Etten – The End of the World

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