Silbatone / Western Electric: The Best...Everything..of The Show

Lulu gave the best hi-fi presentation I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. By a very long shot

Each year, Silbatone Acoustics shows up at Munich High End toting (container'ing?) a lovely mix of the (very) old and new; speakers of various vintages from Western Electric, their own electronics designed by J.C. Morrison, and analog front ends from Thomas Schick and Frank Schroeder. And each year I fall in love. But this year was different.

my friend Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophile hard at work

This year I fell in love with everything: Joe Roberts told me tales of 1934 and the first time-aligned WE speakers, I gave J.C. our annual hug, and I waved hello to Frank more than once. The system, and the music played through it, gave me the biggest and bestest chest-filling music-mad emotional-high timeless hug I've ever had. By a long shot. It went in through my senses and caressed my soul.

A big warm heartfelt thank you hug right back at everyone responsible.

This stuff makes music. No 3D needed.

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Sound Practices is still the benchmark for what I love about hi-fi and keeping the chase fun before all else. What's Mr. Roberts up to these days?