Scott Barry of Computer Audio Design: AudioStream Podcast No.11

In episode 11 of our podcast series, Brian Hunter connects with high-end digital audio maker Computer Audio Design, which is based in the UK, but its founder Scott Barry is an American. Honing his design chops in England, CAD has more recently focused their sights on the US and other countries to expand the reach of their limited, but tight set of digital audio products. The entire suite of components and accessories is highly optimized for reducing unwanted outside noise into any digital-based system. The sole DAC the company currently offers (the CAD 1543 MKII) utilizes niche R-2-R ladder DAC technology along with an undying respect for superior power supplies. In this episode, Scott takes us though his design philosophy, and what it's like being a lifelong fan of high fidelity and the slow path of integrating USB technology into an accepted form of source material.

–Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

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Computer Audio Design