Rocky Mountain High: RMAF 2017

Imagine if everyone attending next week's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was stoned? Mellow, happy pot-smoking people wandering from room to room enjoying the crap out of music then heading down to the bar for some munchies and laughs? If the exhibitors partook too, and why not, my guess is we wouldn't hear any audiophile music at all; instead we'd be treated to the music people actually love. A party!

But that's not going to happen because hi-fi is serious. Understandably so for exhibitors who've spent time, effort, and money to display the things they make. Some serious show goers use RMAF as an opportunity to hear the gear they may be interested in buying (if you listen high at home, you may want to listen high at RMAF for a true scientific A/B comparison). Others are there to judge—everything. It's this last group that really should be force-fed some Indica prior to entry so they can have fun, too.

The email announcements have been rolling in and RMAF 2017 promises to be another great show filled with new gear and new news. Now that CES is on its last over-priced and under-attended leg, exhibitors looking for a US audience have a few easy choices; RMAF, Axpona, and the LA Audio Show. I don't know all of the numbers off-hand but I'd imagine you can do 2 of these shows for the price of one CES...

I very much look forward to RMAF every year, this will be #7, because I always have a great time. I get to see friends I wouldn't otherwise see and actually speak to people in person for a few days before heading back to the peaceful embrace of the barn. Laughs will be shared, stories told, music recommendations will fly freely, and of course there will be plenty of shop talk (accompanied by lots of laughs).

Even though I'm attending RMAF for work (and I won't be lit), I'm going to enjoy the crap out being there, listening to music through gear made by people who are passionate about the work they do. What more can a music and hi-fi loving person ask for?

See you there!

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When do you get in? I think Kelly and I get in on WED kind of early. Stop by 9022, I sent my Esquire out a new guitar amp and uPedal board :)

Yea and there is some audio stuff as well.

See you next week!

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I get in on Thursday.
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Great you can help setup :))) Actually nobody wants to see that happen it's always so crazy. Maybe meet up at the Hyatt like always in the PM.