Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015!

In three days I'll be heading to Denver, CO for the 12th annual RMAF. Billed as the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the United States with over 160 exhibition spaces filled with products from about 400 companies from around the world, there'll be plenty to see, hear, and report. I'll be focusing my attention on what's new in computer audio, lining up some future Q&As, seeing friends, and ideally hearing some great music that's new to me.

If you plan to attend and see me running around the halls, please say hi! One of my favorite things about audio shows is people. Having an opportunity to speak to designers, manufacturers, reps, other reviewers and readers is the best way I know of to check the pulse of our wonderful hi-fi hobby. Here's to getting a strong beat!

ashutoshp's picture

I look forward to reading more about the Aries Mini.

whell's picture

Everytime you see an Audioquest Jitterbug at the show, you get to punch Steve Plaskin on the arm. :-)

Michael Lavorgna's picture
Unfortunately, Steve will not be attending. But I like your concept. Maybe, instead, every time I see a JitterBug I'll take a pic and then run down to the bar and do a shot?