RMAF 2016

The leaves are turning once again in time with the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO which "features Mountains of Sound from the Affordable to the Absurd'". Next week, from Friday to Sunday, packs of audiophiles will descend on the Denver Marriott Tech Center in search of the affordable and the absurd? How about plain old fun.

There have been some grumblings related to this year's event mainly due to the fact that the Denver Marriott Tech Center is under construction/renovation. One outcome is Floors 4 & 5, which typically house lots of exhibitors, are not available so they will be in the Summit Tower. I prefer the Tower to the claustrophobic-feeling 4 & 5 and just hope the Tower elevators are up to the task.

Other sticky points include a relocated CANJAM and rooms with immovable furniture, which may or may not present an audible challenge. We shall soon see. One thing I know for sure—the Denver Marriott Tech Center needed a facelift more than we needed it to stay the same.

now that looks promising!

Beyond covering the latest and greatest in digital (I think it's safe to call it digital now that CD players are an endangered species) I'll be joining a panel moderated by my friend John Darko of Digital Audio Review (DAR) titled "Affordability: How Low Can You Go?" in the Seminar Room, Pod Pavilion on Friday, Oct 7 @ 12:30PM – 1:30PM along with Enno Vandermeer (Roon Labs), Steve Silberman (AudioQuest), and David Solomon (Peachtree Audio). Should be fun (really).

I look forward to RMAF 2016 and hope to see some of you there!

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Which hotels in the Denver would you recommend, Richard?

Michael, this is one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. Weather permitting, you must spend at least a few hours savoring the scenery and fresh air in the mountains. Just be sure to check the weather forecast for the area you are visiting, as the weather in the mountains can be very different from that of the Denver area. If the high mountains are getting hammered by a blizzard, you could visit some of the closer areas. Colorado Springs to the south is nice.

I have hiked many hundreds of miles in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, in Rocky Mountain National Park, and in other mountain areas within a few hours drive from Denver. But I always went in July or August when the temps were warmer than they are now. Many of the locals say they prefer this time of year to go exploring because the crowds are gone, etc.

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Michael, regarding your concern for the Tower elevators, may i remind you that audiophiles spend a lot of time on our asses. Don't be afraid of the stairs

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I typically take the Tower elevators up and walk down. Up 11 flights is not as appealing.
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It should be an interesting seminar, especially after the listening I did at Newport. Based on my experiences there are a lot of options.

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Stop by 5024 a new room for us at the show. A lot larger, will be playing SET tube stuff with a new Plasma Speaker and of course DACS of all sorts.

I am also on at least one panel at this point.


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Look out for the Ifi idsd Pro DAC, which should be launching there this year, any reports much appreciated

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PS Audio will be in our usual suite, 1107--top floor, immediately in front of the elevator. Your first stop, Michael!

We'll be showing the new DirectStream Memory Player, which will play SACDs and output raw DSD to our DirectStream and DSJ DACs. The rest of the system will be our BHK Signature preamp feeding a pair of BHK Signature 300 monos, driving an outrageous set of Scaena La Maitresse Ultime speakers. Our P10 Power Plants will be providing clean AC for the system.

Right next door at 1102 Burwell and Sons will be using all PS gear with their killer speakers. You'll also see PS gear in a dozen other rooms.

You'll also see our Sprout and ELAC system down in the lobby...

Welcome to Denver!

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I'm confused by the RMAF logo. The average age of attendees is 70+ and the sex is overwhelmingly male, so why is a 20-something female featured in the logo instead of a 70+ year old in a wheelchair? Is this ageism-sexism?

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"I'm confused by the RMAF logo. The average age of attendees is 70+ and the sex is overwhelmingly male, so why is a 20-something female featured in the logo instead of a 70+ year old in a wheelchair? Is this ageism-sexism?"

Glad I'm not alone. I just replaced my Viagra stash with a high tech silicone polymer lubrication gel for the wheels of my walker. Now, if I can only find the new batteries I purchased for my hearing aids I will rock.