RMAF 2015 The Wrap!

Hi-Fi is first and foremost about people. That's why, when you walk around a show like the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, you see as many approaches to delivering our music through gear as there are people who make it. If you think there's a right way and a wrong way, you've missed this basic fact.

$500 Entry Level Room

Hi-Fi is filed with brilliant minds, especially among those who design the stuff we listen through. I'm reminded of this at every hi-fi show I attend and I've come to look forward to spending time talking and learning with an emphasis on the latter, learning. I've also found that if we want this to happen, it happens to make sense to be polite. This simple lesson is something many of the people who comment here and elsewhere should take to heart. If you'd like to see more designers and industry people take part in blog and forum comments, try being polite and respectful. They deserve it even if we don't fully understand what and why someone has chosen to do something their way and not your way. And if you don't actually make anything, your way isn't as important. Sorry, but that's the truth.

$1000 Entry Level Room

Bits and vinyl. That's my show summary other than the trends we've spotted throughout (active speakers, simple systems, etc). Value and performance, as Andrew Jones' speakers for ELAC prove, can be truly astonishing. That is good news for everyone. More, please.

Once again, Marjorie Baumert and crew put on a wonderful show with a wonderful vibe. There were three "Entry Level" rooms/systems at RMAF 2015 ranging from $500 to $1500. I not only love, love, love this idea, I'd like to see this theme take over an entire floor. Or an entire show. While I also love listening to gear that doesn't adhere to a budget limit, I get particularly excited by gear that does. But that's just me.

I had a great time both during and after show hours and I very much look forward to next year. Finally, as always, I apologize to everyone whose room I missed. Time is not on my side at hi-fi shows.

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