Apogee, Red Dragon Audio & Spatial

The diminutive Apogee Duet DAC ($649) sat between a MacBook and the Red Dragon Audio 250W (8Ω) S500 Class-D Stereo Amplifier ($1,999) powering the intriguing 93dB Spatial Hologram M4 open baffle speakers ($1,295/pair). I mention all of this up front because I thought this was a nice, simple system that I wish I had more time to listen to.

The Apogee Duet USB DAC (ESS Sabre32 DAC) is also an A/D converter capable of handling PCM resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz while throwing in 2 mic preamp inputs for recording. Sweet!

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Those speakers are very interesting, look fantastic and the price is fantastic. I see from your copy that you did not have much time to listen, but do you have any initial impressions you could share?


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Oops - fantastical redundancy...

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...Herb Reichert's report on Stereophile.
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I am so glad you mentioned the Spatial Audio Hologram M4 speakers. I have a set of Hologram M3 on the way - they shipped yesterday - and I hope that Spatial will get a mainstream review on either the M3 or M4 soon.

The review of the Hologram M1 on Soundstage Ultra caused me to become interested.

Great design and form factor.