Recommended Ripping & File Conversion Software

Copying your CDs onto your storage device of choice is a relatively simple process. While you can use iTunes (make sure you have Error Correction checked under Preferences > Import Settings), we recommend the following ripping software because we do not find ripping to be much fun so we want to do it once and we want to do it right.

The same holds for file conversion, something both of these programs also do.

Recommended Ripping and File Conversion Software

For PC Users
Exact Audio Copy (free)
dbPoweramp ($39 see review)
For MAC users
XLD (free)
Both of these applications employ AccurateRip which ensures your rips are error free by comparing them to an online database.
DVD Audio Ripping
DVD Audio Extractor ($38.50)
Rip Your Vinyl
For PC Users
Vinyl Studio ($29.95)
For MAC Users
Pure Vinyl ($279 see review)
Vinyl Studio ($29.95)