The Qobuz – AudioStream Playlist: An Emotional Rescue

Sharing music has always been a big priority in my life. While the way I’ve come to share music has changed a fair amount over the decades since I started making dupes of cassettes I’d bought, or recording LPs I scored from a record store as a teenager, the underlying desire to connect with others through music hasn’t changed at all. Those mix tapes from my formative youth did a lot to inform my current music psyche and spreading the word to our readership here puts me in mind of those mix tapes I used toil over for hours before committing them to magnetic permanence.

Building Qobuz playlists has recently become a great way to let people in on what it is you’re listening to any given moment, because you can add to, and modify them at any time you like – unlike the cassette of old. Building a ‘living presence’ of your weekly, daily or even hourly music rabbit holes is a cool concept. The list I’m linking to will be the official AudioStream/Qobuz Playlist once the proper graphics and back-end server processes have been sorted when the Qobuz team returns from CES in Vegas, but the link should remain the same. If not, I will update the post. I hope you enjoy listening to the tracks as much as I enjoyed curated them – there’s a flow to them, it’s not just a jumble of tracks. –Rafe Arnott

Eclectic, esoteric, epiphanal and emotional music for experiencing rather than just listening to. Guaranteed to make your speakers move serious air down low, up high and in the middle, the AudioStream Playlist will help you determine if you've got any weak links in your playback chain – especially if you're critically listening. Otherwise, it's all about just letting the music play and having a window into what it is I use for review testing gear. Love it, hate it or hover somewhere in the middle, it aims to cover every genre, epoch and as many cultural reference points as I'm able to reference. Peace

The Qobuz – AudioStream Playlist: An Emotional Rescue