Pure Music

Rob Robinson of Channel D was showing off the company's newly minted Pure Music 3 by playing some vinly rips (ripped using Channel D's Pure Vinyl) of outrageously great music, loud. I mean, really, really fun music at realistic levels. Here's my top 3:
Mark Lanoogna "Pretty Colors"
Zeppelin's "Hearbreaker" from the original "hot mix" pressing done by Bob Ludwig (yeow!)
"Vamos" from The Pixies Surfer Rosa (my notes read, "Killed it!")
Of course there was more music played but I didn't write it down. Rob also played "Electric Ladyland" which he got from my USB stick. This is a rip of the Japanese import CD with the original UK album cover art and it happens to sound simply fantastic. There was also a mystery afoot....

The only thing we were told about the unnamed speakers in use was their cost: around $300. Rob likes to show at shows that you can get great sound for little money, something I appreciate. He certainly proved this point to me. A Lynx Hilo DAC was sending the bits to a hidden amp.

One other item of interest in-room was from SweetVinyl. In essence, their product delivers metadata including cover art and liner notes associated with the vinyl rips you're playing to whatever display device you'd like.