Playback Is Back!

Not to ignore the Sonoma Series, which Steve Plaskin was so impressed with, but Andreas Koch debuted the "Dream Series" from Playback Designs which may fit some people's idea of, well, a dream come true.

Pictured is the Dream Series MPT-8 Transport ($15k - $20k dpending on options) coming the end of the year that offers Playback Designs PLink, to connect to the MPD-8 Dream Series DAC, and AES/EBU outputs, SACD/CD transport, an optional built-in Syrah server w/SSD storage, and an optional built-in Streamer (runs Roon, Tidal...).

The Dream Series double differential discrete MPD-8 DAC ($22,000) passes PCM resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD to DSD256 while offering USB in/out, PLink in/out, and AES, Coax S/PDIF, Toslink inputs. The MPD-8 also includes recording software so you can 'record' the SACD/CDs that spin in the MPT-8 Transport.

I find the fit and finish to touch me inducing.