PAF Announces New Show Amongst Cancellations

Hot on the heels of RMAFs cancellation, as well as the cancellation of pretty much every other show in 2020, Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio and Gary Gill of Capital Audio Fest have recently announced the Pacific Audio Fest, to be held near Seattle in 2021. The full press release is below, but I think this will have an effect in a big way, primarily because the organizers are planning on keeping this show more manageable in size, especially for the purposes of keeping attendees safe, but also to retain the feel of Capital Audio Fest, which is an excellent show to attend for its relaxed and easygoing atmosphere in comparison to some of the very large shows. I’m excited to see another show coming to the Pacific West Coast again, and in a location other than Socal, so stay tuned for more information on the Pacific Audio Fest as it becomes available.

Capital Audiofest and Daedalus Audio Announce Pacific Audio Fest 2021

Coming to the Seattle area in August 2021

Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio, in collaboration with Gary Gill of Capital Audiofest, are pleased to announce the launch of the Pacific Audio Fest, slated for August 6-8 2021. The Pacific Audio Fest is first and foremost a show by exhibitors for exhibitors. With that in mind, we are always open to input and will do everything possible to make this a great show for every exhibitor. By doing that, we are convinced that it will also be a great show for all attendees.

One of the guiding principles for this show will be to keep the scale manageable for everyone. We envision about eighty rooms as optimal for this type of consumer audio show, and will ensure that the show will not expand far beyond that. We expect the show to do quite well in the first year, and then hit its limit no later than the second year. Once we hit our desired capacity, we will have a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. The show will be located in Seattle, Washington, with the venue to be announced in the near future.

It would be an understatement to say we are in uncertain times, but since it takes an immense amount of time and work to initiate a top-quality professional audio show, we will forge ahead. Obviously, there will be no deposits until the COVID-19 situation is manageable. When I began work on PAF in fall of 2019, the date of late July/early August 2021 was established as the goal. We are still shooting for that, but realize that date may need to be pushed back. Regardless of the exact date, there is a need for a solid American Pacific show that will draw from LA to Vancouver, BC, and the Pacific Audio Fest will be ready to rock when the time is right.

Our primary objective is to provide an audio festival that puts the needs of the audio community first, while serving the entire US Pacific Coast, from Los Angeles, CA to Vancouver, BC. The Pacific Northwest has become a mecca for great live music, centered on Seattle, whose long history in Jazz and Rock/Alt Rock is alive today. The Seattle area is a top tech hub, and one of the fastest-growing major U.S. cities. The area also offers excellent demographics for the audio industry, as well as incredible natural beauty. It’s a great destination for audio enthusiasts and their families –truly a vacation paradise in the summer months.

Gary Gill, Capital Audiofest’s Founder and Director, said: “I’m thrilled to be working on a new audio show with Lou in an exciting new location and a market that has been under-served by any consumer audio shows. Lou has exhibited at every type of music show, convention, and festival over a span of almost thirty years, and that experience will help make the Pacific Audio Fest a success for everyone involved.”

“With my nearly thirty years of experience as an exhibitor in music trade shows, and Gary’s decade plus as an audio show promoter and organizer, we can say that the Pacific Audio Fest may well be the first major audio show by exhibitors and music lovers for exhibitors and music lovers!” said Lou Hinkley, Daedalus Audio’s Founder. “We will make this a fun and extremely high-quality event for attendees and vendors, and keep this show on a scale that works for everyone.”

We are wrapping up negotiations with an excellent venue and will have more details in the coming weeks, with information posted on our website,, so please stay tuned.