Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty

Naim Uniti Atom

I set up the Naim Uniti Atom last night and attached the Naim DAC-V1 to play through it.

Set-up was a snap and took about 15 minutes after the Atom made contact with the Naim mother ship and had its firmware upgraded. From there you perform a voodoo ritual involving the nice, big and heavy remote and voilá! Sound came screeching through my speakers.

The unit that was sent to me was a factory refurbished one, but seemed brand new in every way – especially sonically.

The first 30 minutes saw my supple backseat ride take an abrupt turn from the lush, detailed sound I’d been enjoying from the V1 through my Audio Note Soro integrated. Instead I was driven down a side road into crispy highs, flat mids and flabby bass, but after about two hours everything started coming into focus and frequency reproduction started getting into their respective grooves.

After letting the Atom feed on Tidal Radio all night I awoke to a transformed, sleek, black and beautiful wireless streaming amp that made me smile. The trademark Naim PRaT was there along with resolution and warmth.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Uniti is a 40-watt integrated all-in-one with analog and digital inputs and outputs, has a 3.5mm headphone-out jack and enough wireless connectivity options to keep hipster 20-somethings satisfied about living in their parents' basement for years to come.

I’ll be switching-up inputs, sources and streaming services throughout the next couple weeks as well as speakers to see what this svelte little amp is capable of.

Naim Audio Ltd
Southampton Road Salisbury SP1 2LN England

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May I ask why using the DAC-V1 as a source instead of the Uniti Atom's built in capabilities? It is from the next generation of Naim's DAC platform, hence would think it would be of greater interest than a (admittedly quite good!) 2013 era Naim platform.

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I'm using the Naim DAC-V1 because I wanted to hear the Uniti's line-in capabilities before I switch to its internal DAC and streaming abilities.


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Look forward to the review. If possible, I'd love to hear a comparison to the Cary AIOS unit, which seems to contain many similar features at a similar price point.

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I've tried out a demo unit a couple of weeks ago and was impressed how much sound you get for 2,5 k$.

I felt the streaming / DAC part to work expecially well. The amp has more power than you would think (from the 40 W specification). The Nova is a clear step up in sound quality though.

Best speaker pairing I've experienced: ProAc Tablette Anniversary (discontinued).

It's a cute box that gives easy access to the world of high-quality TIDAL streaming. Unfortunately no Qobuz support.

Have fun!


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Hi Rafe

As you check out Naim products:
Do you intend to review one of the new streaming devices (NDX2 / NDS2 / ND5XS2) that are on their way into the market?


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Hi Alphorn,

Absolutely plan on working my way up the Naim range.

Thanks for the question!

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Great! Looking foreward to it :)

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Are you going to directly compare the output / DAC of the DAC V1 and the Atom? That would make an interesting comparison both in the evolution of Naim and whether we are just adding features at this point or if DACs are still evolving.

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Yes. I will be comparing both.


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Take it the full review is not happening?

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It's in the queue and will be published, busy place around here :)