Mytek Brooklyn DAC

Brooklyn ($1,995) is the new DAC from Mytek who are responsible for making some great DACs (see my Manhattan review and the Stereo192-DSD DAC review which I use daily). We're looking at a production prototype and what you see on the display will change in a number of ways but that "MQA" won't be going anywhere. The Brooklyn delivers all of the goodies you'd expect from Mytek including up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256 playback, a headphone amp, a number of digital inputs (USB2 Class2, AES/EBU, 2x S/PDIF, Toslink/ADAT, 2x coax S/PDIF, and SDIF3), line level inputs, analog and digital volume control, RCA and XLR output pairs, and, now pay attention, a MM/MC phono input.

I had an opportunity to sit with Michal and Chebon from Mytek, Pål Bråtelund of Tidal, and John Darko of Digital Audio Review to talk about MQA (I enjoy hanging out with all of them because I learn a lot and they all smile and laugh a lot). Michal and Pål got my brain to finally wrap itself around MQA in a much more comfortable manner which I'll talk about in a separate post. One fun note: Pål demoed streaming an MQA-encoded 24-bit/384kHz file through Tidal over the hotel's crappy WiFi. It worked.

Mytek is also coming out with a MQA certified A/D converter so you can go MQA end-to-end via Mytek. Expect to see the Brooklyn, which comes in silver or black, hit the streets in December 2015.

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or would that be Inner Fidelity territory? Would love to read your opinion on this. Thanks for the coverage again this year.

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This is completely AudioStream territory.

My pleasure!