MQA Coming To Meridian DACs (and the Barn) Next Week

From the Press Release:
From 4th February, Meridian customers will have access to the necessary updates to allow MQA playback—offering listeners for the first time in their own home...
If you follow the hi-fi forums, I do because I view it as part of my job, you'll see lots of discussion over MQA (see MQA Continued). You'll also see lots of questions, confusion, skepticism, anger, accusations, death knells, cries of "snake oil" and "hoax", conspiracy theories, misinformation, personal attacks, and prognostications of the end of the good life as we know it. You know, hi-fi forums.

Owners of Meridian's MQA-ready Explorer2, Prime Headphone Amplifier, 808v6 Reference CD Player, 818v3 Reference Audio Core, Special Edition Loudspeakers and its 40th Anniversary Systems will be able to decode MQA encoded files beginning February 4th via a firmware upgrade for the personal audio products and through a dealer/customer support center installed upgrade for the Reference Series products and Loudspeakers.

These people will be the first to know what MQA sounds like in their own system, which puts them in a position to know the most important thing one needs to know about MQA.

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How can you find MQA albums? If you have one of the above and update the firmware (I don't own one but am interested in the Explorer2), is that all you need other than source material? Any special playback software needed on the computer?

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...the only available MQA content, music, I'm aware of is from 2L.
" that all you need other than source material?"
Yes - if you own an MQA-enabled decoder like the Explorer2, all you need is MQA encoded music and you're good to go.
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You will find the first MQA recordings at AtlanticRecords, 7digital and Technics TRACS, too.

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I bought one of those a while back and it would be nice if they could upgrade it. I would like that very much if they did, They still have the thing on their price list, so it would make sense if they upgraded it, otherwise put everyone out of their misery and pull it from the price list.

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The Meridian MQA firmware is ready to download