Mojo Audio

I walked into the Mojo Audio room as I do every RMAF, reintroduced myself to Mojo's Ben Zwickel and took a seat. Ben was standing to my left and as I went into listening mode, Ben interrupted by saying that I never followed up on our email exchange from month's ago regarding an exclusive review of his products.

I assured Ben he was mistaken since we never exchanged emails and went back into listening mode. Ben interrupted again saying he was sure it was me and he became more obstinate. I have to admit I could feel my emotional temperature rising when I responded to Ben saying, "You are wrong. We never exchanged emails and if we had, I would have responded to you. And we do not do 'exclusives'. Check your emails and get back to me." Ben hemmed and hawed a bit and finally said unconvincingly, "Maybe it was someone else..." and offered who he thought that someone else might be (I'm not going to say). Then I went back into listening mode to listen to Ben's products.

I felt it worth sharing this little story to point out how what we think we know and what we know can be in conflict so I'd suggest you're better off being polite rather than offensive, especially when you'd like the person you're talking to to spend their time and energy reviewing your products. After all, we can just say no.

After a few minutes of listening, I asked Ben if he was a Hendrix fan. He is, but he hadn't brought any Hendrix to the show. Luckily I had my trusty RMAF 2015 USB stick loaded with two Hendrix tracks, "Voodoo Chile" and "Rainy Day, Dream Away". I asked Ben to play "Voodoo Chile" which I thought might help dissipate the earlier bad mojo. After a few minutes, Ben stopped playing "Voodoo Chile" admitting that the speakers he was using sound too bright in the room. I agreed. I heard from someone that Ben changed out to different speakers the next day and the Mojo room was sounding really good.

Handling DAC duties was the Mojo Audio Mystique DAC v2.0 ($2,499.95) a non-oversampling R-2R DAC using the Analog Devices AD1865N-K DAC. The Mystique can handle PCM resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz and comes with your choice of coax S/PDIF or USB input. Serving up the bits was the Mojo Audio CAT Server which comes with your choice of Linux or Windows OS (Ben feels Linux sounds better). Outputs include your choice of coax S/PDIF ($3,999.95) or USB delivered through the JCAT PCIe USB card ($4,499.95) or the JCAT w/ultra-low noise buss PSU ($4,899.95). There are two Ethernet inputs and an optional DVD or Blu-ray player/burner slot drive. There are also a number of storage option upgrades topping out with two 2TB drives.

I should be getting in some Mojo Audio products in the future for review.