Merging Technologies NADAC

We first saw the Merging Technologies NADAC ($10,000 stereo, $11,500 multichannel-8) back at CES 2015 and the buzz that was buzzing then has only gotten louder. Merging Technologies had to hold a rock, paper, scissors death match at RMAF 2015 to keep hi-fi writers from offing each other to get the first review sample (kidding). The most obvious technological NADAC stand-out has to be its RJ45 Ethernet input (RAVENNA/AES67) which promises transmission accuracy and, well, great sound.

Merging hooked up with Ayre and German Physics in room 1025 and the sound, even off axis, was warm and enveloping. I'm in the queue (and the witness protection program) for a review sample and look forward to some real NADAC listening time.

I'll also talk about the NADAC's multichannel chops, heard in another room, soon.