Linn Announces Software Update to Enable Wifi and Bluetooth for Selekt DSM

Linn has proved once again they think ahead of the curve.

Owners of Linn Selekt DSM models should be thrilled to learn the company used some hi-fi stealth tech by quietly embedding the company’s latest network music player architecture/wireless board to the main processing board during the initial design process.

Meaning? Every Selekt DSM unit has shipped with wi-fi and Bluetooth hardware capability already built-in, the company was simply waiting to enable it when they had perfected their coding/software implementation. That time has time.

I stumbled across this bit of news via Instagram, which I first thought was an April Fools joke because I’ve had the Selekt DSM for review (read HERE), and was never notified of this wireless capability. Seeing a post that Selekt owners could upgrade to wi-fi and Bluetooth capability via an software update seemed laughable with no wireless hardware modules built-in, but the joke was on me because Linn had done just that.

I reached Andrena McBain with Linn PR & Marketing who kindly supplied me with some more information.

Selekt DSM Wireless Updates from Linn

Exciting new features further enhance Linn’s award-winning Selekt DSM network music player. Selekt DSM, with its many configurations, offers the perfect solution for everyone, however they listen. And now with the addition of exciting new features via a free software upgrade, it has even wider appeal.

  • WiFi - for higher quality wireless streaming
  • Bluetooth - provides a simple way to get started playing music wirelessly
  • Configurable SPDIF input / output – allows greater connectivity, e.g. headphone amps, active speakers
  • AAC decoding for Surround

Wireless streaming with Selekt DSM

Wireless capability is enabled via a simple, free software upgrade that owners can perform themselves, with no need for dealer involvement. This means that anyone who has purchased a Selekt DSM since launch in October 2018 can immediately benefit from this new functionality.

The display on Selekt DSM indicates that an update is available, and owners can follow the instructions on Linn’s product documentation site to complete the process – HERE.

Technical specifications

  • Series 3 & Selekt DSM implement Bluetooth v4.2
  • Audio is transferred using SBC encoding
  • This is not natively compatible with Googlecast
  • Selekt DSM needs to be running Davaar 75 or later

Selekt DSM pricing – all variants (USD)

  • Selekt DSM with Katalyst, $7,000 USD
  • Selekt DSM, $5,200 USD
  • Selekt DSM with Katalyst and integrated amps, $8,625 USD
  • Selekt DSM and integrated amps, $6,825 USD
  • Selekt DSM Surround with Katalyst, $15,020 USD
  • Selekt DSM Surround, $10,460 USD


Topher's picture

I already had my eye on one of these, and the WiFi and SPDIF out option makes me even more interested. I have a Luxman E-250 phono stage and a D-250 DAC/Preamp/Headamp and am thinking of swapping them for a Selekt and a small headphone amp like the Sony TA-ZH1ES.

Would your expert opinion endorse this move? Any thoughts you have I'd be grateful to hear.

Stay safe, and all best.

Rafe Arnott's picture
Then you know how impressed I was with the Selekt. Would you be looking to go with the same configuration I reviewed? If so, then the addition of a quality head-amp to the mix would make for a potent, musical, technology-adroit long-term high-fidelity investment. Space Optimisation alone is worth the price of entry IMO.

Thanks for checking in – stay safe and healthy my friend.

Topher's picture

I did see your review - it definitely confirmed the interest I already had in the Selekt.

I was hoping to add an amp and speakers to my system this year, but current events have probably precluded that plan! So I'm going to have to remain a headphone-only guy for the moment.

I think what it comes down to is the built-in phono stage. I already have a pretty good separate in the Luxman E-250, so if the one in the Selekt is not similarly good I probably can't warrant buying the Selekt to only use as a streamer / DAC, and will be better off sticking to what I have. But if it is, and I can use it as phono stage / streamer / DAC then it will be worth it, and I can sell my phono stage and buy a headphone amp to replace the one on the DA-250.

Decisions, decisions. . .