The active Kii Audio speakers were one of the products I was most looking forward to hearing at RMAF 2015 even though they have nothing to do with computer audio (I'm only human). Bruno Putzeys, the designer behind the Kii THREE Loudspeaker System ($13,900 + $2,540 for the Kii stands) is also the person behind the Mola Mola line of gear, which we'll talk about later. Bruno also works with Grimm Audio and Hypex where he "designs high-performance discrete AD/DA converters and analogue signal processing circuits, DSP algorithms, class D power amplifiers and switch-mode power supplies. He holds several patents in the fields of digital audio and power conversion and has published extensively in these and related domains." according to Bruno's Wikipedia page. I think he's wickedly smart, as are many people in this crazy wonderful industry, thus my interest in his Kii speakers.

The Kii THREE stand a mere 8" x 16" x 16" yet the claimed FR is 20Hz - 25kHz +/- 0.5dB with a peak SPL of 115dB. One of most clichéd comments one can make about a small speaker is to comment on how amazed we are with its bass performance. Well, I don't want to reply on a cliché so I will say the Kii THREE sounded lovely being fed its bits by the PS Audio DirectStream DAC (see review even though that review is now a few important firmware revisions old) and its bass performance was amazing considering its small size ;-)

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