High End Munich Stays Simple with Voxativ Absolut

For years I have imagined when I retire I will buy a pair of German-made Voxativ AC-4a, Alnico magnet, wood-coned, full-range (loudspeaker) drivers; mount them on an open steel baffle; and power them with an exotic First Watt amp by Nelson Pass – or a triode amp of my own design. That is my dream system.

But retirement may never happen, so, in the interim, the best I can do is stalk Voxativ’s smart and loveable CEO Holger Adler, and pester him with dumb questions about his extensive range of full-range drivers. And! . . . his new, strangely unbelievable, three-piece complete plug-n-play: “Absolut System” which costs $7,900 USD and consists of two Hagen stand-mount loudspeakers with modified Voxativ AF-1n drivers and the small, but monolithic looking, Absolut Box containing a DAC, and an amp with DSP optimized for the Hagen loudspeakers.

Proudly, Voxativ calls the system, “Absolut Hagen.”

When I first saw how the Absolut Box had no knobs, lights, buttons, or switches, I was impressed by its dark minimalist-aesthetic. The black Absolut box is smooth and dark all around, with only a power cord, on-off switch, and two pairs of RCAs for subwoofer output or line-level input hidden on its backside. The complete system consists of the aforementioned black box, and two piano-black Hagen speakers connected by thickish black speaker cables. That is, it. All you need. Think sleek and mysterious.

The Input section consists of wi-fi (AirPlay compatible, Roon endpoint), Bluetooth aptX, optical and analog in (for phono stage or other line-level source). Inside the Box is custom DSP assigned for specific Voxativ speakers (Hagen now, soon FIT and Zeth); DAC with “Voxativ quality” customized architecture; a 30W Class AB amplifier; “Voxativ quality” wi-fi (AirPlay compatible) for direct streaming (TIDAL, Qobuz, etc.) There is a remote control for volume. Plus, a switching power supply with automatic 115/230V selection.

Besides the black coolosity of its look, the most astonishing thing about this Voxativ Absolut Hagen system is how fresh and alive it sounds. How correct of tone. How utterly transparent. How giant and well-articulated its soundstage is. How distinctively detailed.

Sometimes DSP just makes things right. Sometimes ‘plug-n-play’ can be absolutely high end. Sometimes $7,900 seems like an incredible bargain.

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Another great product(s) for HR to review :-) ...........

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That system looks F-U-N!!!

I am playing with 8 inch full ranges and love the aspects you mention. Playing with Voxativ, Lowther, Tang Band, and Fostex. So much joy!

Thanks for that entry!!!