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As someone who has built up lasting relationships and friendships with high-fidelity manufacturers, distributors and local shop owners, just like many of you out there, I’m seeing firsthand the devastating financial affect that covid-19 is having on them.

With banks offering bridge loans for businesses, the hope is they will be able to stay afloat until life resumes to something resembling normal again. Only problem is we don’t know when that will happen at this point and many of these bricks-and-mortar hi-fi/record shops and bespoke hi-fi manufacturers need help now.

I’m not advocating depleting all your financial reserves on new gear or LPs during a global pandemic, but if you were in the market for an upgrade, or had a list of 20 albums you wanted on vinyl before this hit, then now could be a great time to find a deal and help the industry at the same time. Many local hi-fi shops are offering substantial savings on demo equipment, and other in-store gear, and distributors and manufacturers are starting to roll out numerous ‘overstock’ specials that they are all happy to ship to your door. Same goes for record stores who have been working hard to photograph and catalog all their LPs for online sales and delivery.

Because I’m in Canada, I know far more local shops here than I do in the U.S., and below is a list of as many I know or have personally dealt with in both countries. I can’t list every one, but I know these people in particular and can vouch for them as being outstanding individuals running outstanding shops. If I forgot someone and you know me, I apologize in advance, please give me shout and I’ll amend the list.

If there’s a local shop near you not on this list that you think should be mentioned (there will be many, as I can’t possibly know all of them), please comment on this post, name them and include a link to their website. I’ll make sure it gets up in the comments section.

Shops I Know

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'Listen Records,', Edmonton, AB; 'Blackbyrd Records, 'Edmonton, AB,. I don't know about the Calgary local; I don't know about the other stores here in Edmonton. Listen has website. Blackbyrd is on Discogs.

But 'Fascinating Rhythms' is still goin' on and on and on .... in Nanaimo, BC (Facebook, others(?).

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Reference Media LLC (reference-media.net) - a small shop with very knowledgeable and friendly owners, great service including stereo installation and setup, and custom theatre design and installation.