ELAC is ____ (think of something good that rhymes with ELAC)

The juggernaut that is ELAC keeps on chugging. Pictured are the new Adante AF-61 loudspeakers ($5,000/pair) driven, and I say driven, by Peter Madnick's Audio Alchemy transformed into ELAC's Alchemy Series.

What I'm most excited about, beyond Peter's ELAC Alchemy electronics, is the forthcoming higher-end Peter-designed Discovery DS SQ-201 ($2500). As we know, I enjoyed the regular old Discovery and use it and its analog output, yea that's how I roll, in our home hi-fi.

The idea of a true Roon Ready, the Discovery runs Roon Essentials which has a 30k song limit, better sounding player that supports PCM to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD to DSD256 brings joy to my ears. In anticipation, of course. Look for a ship date some time in Q3.

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Is Whack.
Is on track.
Is ready for FLAC.
Knows Jack.
has the knack.
Has tact.
Is no hack.
Has no lack.
Has the knack.
And I'm spent....