Dynaudio Focus 600 XD

Do you see a theme developing? I see a theme developing. The active Dynaudio Focus 600 XD ($13,500/pair) are rated from 20Hz – 24kHz and include a total of 600W of power per speaker (2x 250W for each subwoofer and 2x 150 for the Midrange and Tweeter). The digital coax S/PDIF input supports PCM resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz as does the coax S/PDIF output. There's also an analog input for your turntable and if you add the Dynaudio Connect ($450) you can send up to 24-bit/96kHz data to your Focus speakers over WiFi, look ma, no wires. The Connect also adds Bluetooth (A2DP, apt-x, and AAC compatibility) connectivity.

Serving up the bits in the Dynaudio room was the Aurender N100H ($2,499) that houses a 120GB SSD for caching playback and 2TB of internal HDD storage. You can also play your NAS-based music after hooking the N100H to your network with a length of Ethernet cable (Oh no! Did he say Ethernet? Oh yes he did).

Jorgen Skadhauge's picture

Michael, active dsp controlled speakers are not exact new to your readers ;-) so system reviewing from now on,
maybe thats why you now use the Barn, anyway looking forward to your test of this system.
Click on the vidoes, they are in English http://www.recordere.dk/2015/10/bo-beolab-90/

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To assume you know what each of them know or do not know is, shall we say, a stretch ;-)

I also do not "test" anything. I listen and report. A subtle but important difference.