Download of the Week: Marvin Pontiac

More or less, we all live in fantasyland. Marvin Pontiac was born there and The Asylum Tapes have sprung forth like a breath of fresh freedom.

Is this a comedy record? Well, it makes me laugh (out loud). Is this a blues album? Folk? Well, it has all of the (simple) ingredients.

I've been a John Lurie fan since The Lounge Lizards and "Stranger Than Paradise." John cooked up Marvin Pontiac years ago but in The Asylum Tapes he/they really shine. It's the kind of record I can imagine imagining wanting to make but the only way to make such a record is to dig deep into the freedom of fantasyland. Where we all live, more or less, but sometimes we forget the freedom part.

I love this record like an old smelly sweater.

Get it from Tidal.

Listen here:

torturegarden's picture

I've been a big John Lurie fan for years - for his acting, music, and paintings. I was thrilled to see he released new music and was glad to see a lossless download. My experience with Tidal was less than optimal (it took three days to download) but the album is fantastic. I would love to see a vinyl version.