Download of the Week: Kelela

Take Me Apart ravages the listener. I think I'm in love.

Take Me Apart is Kelela's debut full-length, released on Warp this month.

You can read a lot of words about this record from just about every music publication so I'm not really feeling the need add many more. I'm listening to the LP right now to music that is fully-formed, beautifully rich, achingly sensual, mixing elements of most every thing that makes music matter. To me.

From an interview in The Quietus:

Take Me Apart is emotional, and it’s also quite sexual. In the emotional sense, I guess, no one would intuitively ask somebody else to take them apart – nobody wants to be analysed, or made to feel very vulnerable. And I love that so much, in the purely emotive part of romance. I’ve always wanted someone to make me put my guard down, and disarm me - to make me feel less frustrated, just to inspire me to let go. And then in a purely sexual context, it’s basically topping from the bottom – it’s demanding that someone pin you down. “Make me vulnerable, put me in a position right now”. The irony of how you’re actually the top when you’re demanding someone take you apart – it’s about the permission, that blurry line in sex that’s not so literal in real life.
Take Me Apart is available in most formats including a 24-bit download from Bleep.

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Thanks for the recommendation, great album.

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Kelela was on the BBC show 'Later with Jools Holland'. Live and without technological support, she was out of tune, sometimes very badly. Maybe she's better appreciated in her studio incarnation.

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Thanks! Terrific rec. You might enjoy Andra Day too

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Long time fan of Kelela here. She has such a wonderful voice, so soothing... I wish I had a chance to see her live.

Thanks for the recommendation and have a nice day,