Download of the Week: Julien Baker

The older we get, the more distance lies between us and what it's like to be young. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that this distance represents a linear progression; a slow steady march towards wisdom. As George Gershwin said, it ain't necessarily so.

Turn Out The Lights is Memphis native Julien Baker's 2nd solo LP and it's filled with questions, pain, and passions. I think a part of being is being aware and here Julien Baker appears learned.

Lovely, no?

Turn Out The Lights is available from Matador Records.

rpollock's picture

"As George Gershwin said, it ain't necessarily so."

I believe it was Ira Gershwin....

Andy Smith's picture


You have a penchant for finding evocative and exquisite music that has a visceral rawness yet undoubted poignancy. I thank you wholeheartedly for expanding my musical lexicon.

Bravo sir!

nick's picture

An early disciple of Julien, the first album is even better imo