Download of the Week: Ghostpoet | Nathan Abshire

Obaro Ejimiwe/Ghostpoet had me at Dark Days + Canapés.

A long stare into a bleak world, Dark Days + Canapés strolls its way throug a grim, grimy, and weak world winding its way to a grim reapter's doorstep. Mercury Prize winning Ghostpoet delivers his message with reserve backed by a host of vocal collaborators, string quartet, and yer basic bass, drum, keys, guitar band + electronic tweak.

Dark Days + Canapés feels like a slow drive past the parts of town and parts of life you'd otherwise choose to avoid. Listening, however, is thrilling, exasperating, and if you gaze long enough into this abyss, exhausting. I love it when that happens.

Available from Bandcamp

Listen here:

I was driving to see (and hear) Boris when this came on the radio:

And I thought, I need more of this in my life. You know, balance.

I went with the "Sugar Bee" 45 and A Cajun Legend: The Best of Nathan Abshire download because Nathin Abshire is a legend. Kidding. I chose this record because it brims over with that mad, insistent, near-monotony that can lead to a trance-like state of pure joy in the face of the abyss. Balance.

Available from Tidal