Download of the Week: Elodie

Just what the Dr. ordered. The past few weeks have been fraught with sickness; first Jess, then us. This is the cold that won't go away as I'm into week 3. Yea, I went to the Dr. who had a full waiting room of walk-ins all there with the same thing, who prescribed an antibiotic and something for the vertigo, which should help with the nausea. As such, I've been searching out soothing from my local and Tidal-enhanced music library.

Where I happened upon Vieux Silence by Elodie. Elodie is typically a two-piece featuring guitarist Andrew Chalk and flautist Timo van Luijk but here they add Tom James Scott (piano), Jean-Noël Rebilly (clarinette), and Daniel Morris (pedal steel). Together, they move through dream-space at a sleepy-slow, softly whispered pace. Ahhhh. Better tonic than any pill swallowed.

Vieux Silence was released on Stephen O’Malley's Ideologic Organ label and here's what he has to say about the record:

"Vieux Silence”, and ELODIE in general provoke a visual imagination in an instant, perhaps filtered through aged watercolour, tape grain, antique lenses, forgotten levels of listening and observational patience. On this gorgeous album Chalk & van Luijk also collaborate with piano, pedal steel and clarinet (played by; Tom James Scott, Daniel Morris and Jean-Noel Rebilly, respectively). Each detail carefully considered and colouring step by step, like an impressionist watercolour.
Sounds lovely, no? It is.

Vieux Silence is available from Bandcamp.

Listen here: