Download of the Week: Circuit des Yeux

"I'm not sure what to pick for this week's DotW." Stephen responded, "DotW should be Circuit des Yeux's Reaching for Indigo!". Of course it should (that's what friends are for).

We last heard from Haley Fohr as Jackie Lynn and we read about it in Joe Surdna's Best Albums of 2016 where he said, "This record has been described as alt-country, whatever that might mean, but songs like 'Alien Love' are more like Suicide doing Merle Haggard. It's short and really an EP but anything by this consummate artist has a way of sneaking under your skin." Well, Halley as Circuit des Yeux and Reaching for Indigo has got me, under its skin.

Halley describes the event that occurred on January 22nd, 2016 which changed her life (as told to Daniel Dylan Wray from Loud And Quiet:

"My life wasn’t terrible by any means but something really dark came down upon me and this new step happened in the process where things got so dark they combusted into this bright white light and I had this knowingness wash over me. I found this answer that I didn’t know I’d been searching for until I found it. It was both an internal and a physical thing. It was mostly internal but I was going through something spiritual. I was convulsing and vomiting and crying, it was really intense, it came out of nowhere, it was like somebody did this to me. It was really frightening.


"It was so uplifting and positive and I don’t know if another moment like that will come again, I really don’t. It’s changed who I am in a really profound way. Going dark in times of struggle is the easy way, for me anyway, but in pushing through and knowing that there could be something amazing that could happen at any moment, I’ll hold onto that forever."

I hear a new clarity within Reaching for Indigo, a sense of stillness and strength that rings out as self-assured purpose. Reaching for Indigo is also one, beautiful, record.

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torturegarden's picture

I got this on vinyl earlier this week and it's been in constant rotation. Hayley Fohr's voice is as hypnotizing as ever and I'll buy any record she is on.