CES 2018: Robot Strippers

Initial reports from CES 2018 are not good. Here's Stereophile's Jon Iverson:
This year high-end audio occupies only one floor of the Venetian, and there are just a couple exhibitors in the suites above. The Mirage is also down to a couple suites and around town is particularly quiet. So I'd say we are operating at less than 30% of peak CES.
Thankfully, CES organizers planned for the free time hi-end audio attendees may have by offering MQA-enabled1 Robot Strippers as entertainment:

Hmm. Maybe Philip K. Dick was wrong about what androids dream of?

1. Joke

DaveM's picture

Is that Stephen Mejias slipping money into the robot’s garter?

deckeda's picture

... that you could slip them a fiddy but that the resulting “VIP” lap dance would be painful.

PeteRoth's picture

I believe this club is "The Closet" that L. Ron Hoover recommends to Joe, such that he can meet a cute little German appliance. Perhaps a Chromium Pig with marital aides stuck all over it.

Brown Sound's picture

and don't break it, because the Central Scrutinizer will be PO'ed! Oh my!