Cary Audio DMS-500 Network Audio Player

OK here's my idea. The newly minted Cary Audio DMS-500 Network Audio Player ($4,995) was sitting above the company's also newly minted TL-300d vacuum tube preamplifier. You know how Cary will sometimes offer a "T' version of their solid state products adding tubes? I suggested that Cary add a DAC and a "T" to the DMS-500 and make it look like the TL-300d preamp with that tube peak-a-boo window on the right and the network player's 5” HD full color display on the left. Old and new. Cool idea, no? I don't think it went over so well in the Cary room.

DMS-500 can stream file resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256 and the TL-300d preamp, which includes a USB/S/PDIF DAC, can take whatever resolution the DMS-500 throws at it. Finishing out the Cary room was their CAD-120S MkII Amplifier and a pair of Totem Metal speakers and I noted the system had "a nice dimensional quality."