Capital AudioFest 2019 Preview

With a fair number of the world’s news junkies tuned-in to the political machinations playing out in Washington D.C., Capital AudioFest 2019 should be a welcome respite from the 24-hour-a-day news cycle of the latest on U.S. presidential impeachment proceedings for audiophiles in the D.C. and Maryland areas.

Known for years as a more DIY, home-brewed event, the show has in recent times begun to attract every strata of the high-fidelity industry as organizers stepped up their game in bringing in some big-name manufacturers as exhibitors and what was once more coffee klatch has become meetings and martinis as the show to attend on the East Coast.

The sold-out Hilton Washington, DC/Rockville Hotel and Executive Meeting Center (1775 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland) is playing host from November 1st through 3rd, and promises a world-class retinue of high-end manufacturers and distributors in attendance.

Events such as a CAF Under-40 Dinner with VPI-hosted after-dinner listening party, seminars on Class D power amplification, high-resolution streaming basics, mastering and production of MQA/DSD/High-Res files, and local record store collaborations are but a few of the fantastic opportunities to connect with hi-fi enthusiasts, sound engineers, digital-audio designers and analog specialists at the show.

For a full listing of CAF 2019 seminars and events check HERE.

Check back for upcoming coverage on the latest DACs, streamers, servers and digital-audio related gear from AudioStream contributor Grover Neville as he seeks out the latest and greatest and navigates the halls of high-fidelity at CAF 2019.

Capitol AudioFest

Chuckles304's picture

I'm happy to see that while Capitol AudioFest is incapable of correctly spelling their own name, our illustrious editor is up to the challenge....

Rafe Arnott's picture
It is Capital, as that's city-centric and capitol is building-centric. But sometimes when it's 6 a.m. and you're writing things get fuzzy ;-)
Chuckles304's picture

I would argue that since the venue is in DC, "capitol" is more appropriate.

funambulistic's picture

Unfortunately, Rafe (and the fine people of the CAF) is right - it is "capital". All things capital are capital unless referring to the specific building, the capitol building. Think of "dOme" and you have "capitOl"!

Bill B's picture

The venue is in Rockville, Maryland, a suburban area several miles outside of D.C. The DC Metropolitan area is sometimes referred to by us residents as "the DMV", i.e., the District, Maryland, and Virginia.