Bricasti Strikes Gold

Bricasti Design has come out with the Gold Edition ($15,000) of their highly regarded M1 DAC (see Steve Plaskin's review). The search for gold was initiated by some customers in Japan and beyond the Kind Midas touch, the Gold Edition adds larger footers to support the weight of all that bling (kidding) and includes some internal tweaks that add to the unit's cost. These improvements may work their way into a non-gold version.

Beyond the fact that the Bricasti room is always a pleasure to listen in, and this year was no exception with the M1 going directly into the Bricasti M28 monoblocks driving a pair of Tidal speakers, what I enjoyed most about being there was having the opportunity to talk to Brian Zolner, the President of Bricasti Design. I wish I could have stayed much much longer as Brian shares his knowledge and experience openly so a few rushed minutes of conversation at a hi-fi show just leaves me hungry for more.