In Barn: totaldac USB GIGAFILTER

The totaldac USB GIGAFILTER, 0.6m or 1m or 1.5m: €1750 incl VAT, €1600 excl VAT.

A shielded aluminium box embeds a very high end USB filter to suppress digital pollutions coming from the computer or the music server.

suggs's picture

Glad to see you have this for review...I could not believe the difference this made to my system, very expensive for the concept of a USB filter but it made a bigger difference than buying a different DAC. Eagerly await your review/comments on this and the D1-7. Vincent continues to amaze

hb72's picture

Interesting, you might want to compare this against the ifi purifier2/silencer combo, for a fraction pf the price. I use it on a much cheaper dac in a much cheaper system (thus more appropriate than a 1.7k solution) but nevertheless find it an abs stunning improvement re clarity and dynamics (and a bit brighter, too, alas).