Avantgarde Zero 1

I first heard the stunning 3-way, self-powered, DSP corrected, horn-loaded Avantgarde Zero 1 ($21,950/pair) way back in 2013 in Munich (see report) where they easily filled a very large room, "I found this room's sound to be among the most compelling and physically vibrant at the show." The Zero 1s are not only internally amped (50W Class A solid-state amps for the tweeter and midrange and 400W Class D for the woofer), but they also include a preamp and 24-bit/192kHz capable DAC (3x Burr-Brown DACs) in the Master speaker. The Slave connects to the Master wirelessly via a 2.4 GHz ISM/SRD link and the Zero 1s can also accept incoming data via Apple's AirPlay.

The impressive Bel Canto REFStream (see review) was streaming music to an AudioQuest JitterBug'd (see review) laptop running JPLAY (see review) and I was positively delighted to hear that the Zero 1s work equally well in a small room. Their way with music is in a word, lovely.

Sigmund Freud co-designed the Zero 1's remote

I'd also recommend reading Herb Reichert's coverage of this room over on Stereophile for another take on the sound.