I've known John-Paul Lizars, Aurender's Director of Sales & Marketing, for years. I always look forward to seeing him at shows because we talk about music.

I saw Aurender gear in a number of rooms but this room was theirs. The Aurender N10 Caching Music Server ($8,000 I reviewed the earlier S10), which we reported on earlier this year from Munich, was feeding an Aesthetix Pandora DAC ($6,000), while the Aesthetix ATLAS power amplifier ($10,000) drove the very interesting Larsen 8 speakers ($6,995) that are meant to be placed smack up against the wall so they use those otherwise problematic planes to send the music around your room, more or less. The takeaway for the Larsen speakers: the room is the sweet spot.

John-Paul's freakin' fun playlist while I was in-room:

Can "Last Night Sleep"
The Loafing Heroes "Bunji Bunji", a 128kbps file that sounded like hi-res (no joke)
Peter, Paul, and Mary "All My Trials"
Buddy Holly "Through Love Ways" (JP was trying to make cry, I know it)
Gene Pitney "(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance" (and laugh)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "West Country Girl" from B-Sides and Rarities
PJ Harvey "Wang Dang Doodle" (about whom that last song was written) from The John Peel Sessions
I wished I had more time for more.