Audioengine HD6

In my opinion, Audioengine has the give me good sound at a great price and skip the crap thing down. Their new HD6 active speakers ($750/pair) carry on this fine tradition. Interlude: I've told this story way too many times so I'l tell it again. Many years ago, we bought our daughters each a pair of the Audioengine A2s. I was working on a review and I wanted to use the A2s so I asked Nicole if I could borrow hers. She said no. Jessica said no too. The reason? They use 'em.

The HD6s offer a number of real people connectivity options including aptX Bluetooth, the same technology that's in their B1 Bluetooth Receiver (see review), WiFi, Toslink, and analog inputs for your vinyl. The HD6s also house a 24-bit/96kHz DAC and are set up in your basic Venus in Furs relationship where one speaker dominates the other (master/slave).

Sending music to the HD6s was the streaming star of the show, which the guys at Audioengine choose to put on the floor. That's down to earth, man.

Do you see a theme developing? I see a theme developing.