Art Dudley, Stereophile Legend, Passes Away

A legend in the world of high-fidelity authorship, a man of gentle spirit and uncommon bonhomie – Art Dudley, long-time editor, mentor and parser of words, passed away this morning from cancer.

I’d been reading his witty, thought provoking and incisive pieces on high-fidelity for many years before spending time at shows chatting and having beers with him. The last time I had the pleasure of his company was the Montreal Audio Fest a couple years ago and we shared a few good belly laughs.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family, as we, the collective which makes up this hobby, takes a pause to reflect on the humour and intelligence Mr. Dudley lent to our lives for these many years we were lucky enough to share this mortal coil with him.

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And I live barely 30 minutes south of him too....RIP

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I only met him once; it was the same time I met Stephen Mejias at the Montreal Hi-Fi show. He was very gracious and polite. Above all else, I loved reading about his taste in music, in particular classical. I can think of no better tribute tonight than to re-read some of his articles and play The Dream of Gerontius conducted by Adrian Boult, a recording he frequently used when reviewing equipment. My sincere condolences to his wife and daughter.

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Received my Stereophile yesterday afternoon.
Then I found out that he passed away, really really sad, way too young.

Always turned to his writings which always were/are the most engaging in Stereophile. He had a very human sensibilities and a true gift with his words.
Loved his writings, always honest, witty and many times made smile and laugh. Art wrote about gear that not to many people would write about. Vintage tables, arms, tube amps single drivers and high efficiency speakers and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty with his DIY projects. Art enlightened many of us with his love of sharing music with us.
Art , if you can hear me, miss you already !!!

RIP Condolences to his wife and daughter, all his friends, colleagues at Stereophile and people that knew him personally.