In Barn: Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable

I was reading John Darko's excellent review of the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB cable and I thought, Hmm. I never let Geoff Merrigan, Tellurium Q Director, know how much I've been enjoying his cables. I rectified this by sending Geoff an email letting him know how much I've been enjoying his cables (I own USB, AES, XLR, RCA, and speaker cable from the Black line).

One thing led to another and Goeff told me about the new Black II speaker cables (£75 per linear metre), namely how they are better than the Black. Would I like to try them? And here we are.

While I don't typically review cables, I'm going to write about the Black II as compared to the Black because a) I find this interesting, and b) why not. If the Black II make the music coming out of my speakers sound better, that's something to write home about. So to speak.

Some people don't believe cables, any cable, make a difference which is odd because they do. If you are a cable skeptic here's a test for you to try at home (WARNING: please consult a licensed electrician before performing this test):

  1. take an ordinary garden hose and cut out the length you need
  2. terminate one end with whatever type of connector you need and fill the hose with water
  3. terminate the other end
  4. connect your new cable to your system
  5. listen for a difference
You see, what a cable is made of will affect its performance in a system. This holds for analog and digital cables (like USB and Ethernet) [footnote 1].

You can read all about Tellurium Q's focus for their cable designs on their website. Here's one part I like:

Once you accept the fact that your audio system is acting as multiple electronic filters smudging your music, then you have a choice:
a. Forget the cable is an electronic filter (completely in the face of science) and compromise by having a smeared sound or

b. Do something about it and engineer as clear and phase neutral a path for the signal as possible to get the most transparent sound that current technology will allow and preserve the original signal phase relations as much as possible.

As we all know the only way to see if we prefer anything in hi-fi is to put it into a system, ideally our system, and listen. That's exactly what I plan to do.

Stay tuned.

1. Here's another test for those people who believe in the cable myth "the last few feet don't matter". Replace all of the plumbing in your home with 1/16" pipe and see if the water still flows at the same rate.

rghanbari's picture

Looking forward to your thoughts on the Black II Michael. Have you had a chance to evaluate the Ultra and Diamond Tellurium lines?

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I have not tried any of the other Tellurium Q cables as the Black fit my budget and ears.