Electric Adolescence

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Scott Eastlick  |  Apr 17, 2020
I never thought my time spent as a reclusive artist would turn out to be a survival skill.
Scott Eastlick  |  Mar 16, 2020
With the other mixes I’ve done for AudioStream and InnerFidelity having run the range of musical genres, there is of course a contingent of readers who have an aversion to electronic music. I felt inclined to offer something of a course correction for the classic audiophiles who proudly hold their ground.
Rafe Arnott, Scott Eastlick  |  Jan 02, 2020
Summing up a decade of music while you’re still in it can be a tricky proposition. Like looking at a large, intricate painting with your eyes just inches from the canvas.
Scott Eastlick  |  Dec 31, 2019
While I haven’t heard many people describing this year in music as being particularly revolutionary, a steady stream of solid releases made 2019 more than palatable.
Scott Eastlick  |  Dec 23, 2019
With a nod to a generation that grew up with the birth of rap and hip hop, our resident long-form DJ and street-savvy musicologist Scott Eastlick has something for you all just in time for Christmas. Enjoy!
Scott Eastlick  |  Dec 09, 2019
The fact that my once casual endeavours to create music mixes has turned into an obsessive compulsive disorder represents something of a double-edged sword in my life.
Scott Eastlick, Rafe Arnott  |  Jul 26, 2019
Scott Eastlick brings us a trip through the hallowed halls of some of the most classic soul tracks around to help you pad those TIDAL and Qobuz playlists and slide into your weekend listening sessions.
Scott Eastlick  |  May 31, 2019
It would be difficult to exaggerate Angelo Badalamenti’s contribution to David Lynch’s body of work. Unlike other director/ composer teams like Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herman or Stephen Spielberg and John Williams, where the music was written to existing film, this collaboration began when the stories were still part of Lynch’s meditations.
Scott Eastlick  |  Dec 23, 2018
My most experimental of the seasonal series, this winter selection features minimalist electronic music picked for pristine production to reflect the crispness of the weather outside, while favouring a low-frequency warmth intended to heat whatever room you’re in like a smouldering fireplace.
Scott Eastlick  |  Dec 09, 2018
As far as religious holidays go, none have been as potently marketed as Christmas. Defined by an endless stream of catchy original songs, unabashed commercialism, and a magical mascot, Christmas often seems more like a Disney production than an especially holy endeavour. Irrespective of our individual beliefs, Christmas exists as an open-source holiday that everybody is able to celebrate in different ways and for different reasons.
Scott Eastlick  |  Oct 27, 2018
I’m afraid of most things, but Halloween doesn’t scare me. Some women I know make witches seem like fairies. Some men around me make the undead seem deep; they live to make money yet their lives are so cheap. In this world real villains were unwanted children.
Scott Eastlick  |  Oct 20, 2018
When the term ‘jazz’ first emerged it was regarded as so profane that it wasn’t to be used in the company of the gender once considered so delicate.
Scott Eastlick  |  Sep 26, 2018
It seems to happen slowly and instantly all at once. Just as our clothing moves from t-shirts to sweaters, and our food from barbecues to simmering pots, our music tastes are inclined to follow suit.
Scott Eastlick  |  Jul 31, 2018
Where the best winter music celebrates solitude, summer selections should be generously inclusive: Like nachos, cold beer, and BBQs, this music is meant for sharing.